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Φωτοηλεκτρικός ανιχνευτής 2 δεσμών DS-150HDF, εμβέλεια 150m


Φωτοηλεκτρικός ανιχνευτής 2 δεσμών DS-150HDF, εμβέλεια 150m

Κωδικός προϊόντος: DS-150HDF Κατηγορία:


Φωτοηλεκτρικός ανιχνευτής 2 δεσμών DS-150HDF, εμβέλεια 150m

– Quad Beam detection, four synchronized pulsed infrared bearn sensure ultimate stability inany applications, False alarms due to falling leavesand small animals are virtuallv,eliminated
– Easy opticall alignment with LED indication 10-Level LED indicator we can check beam strength easily, highly accurate lignment, no need to use voltmeter,no need for using beam blocking plate
– Selectable 8- channel beam frequencies. Selectable beam frequencies for beam stacking andlong distance appliations without crosstalk
– Up to 8-sets for multiple installation
adjustable beam interruption perod (50-700msec)
– Lighting & surge protection, Automantic gain control circuit.
– Form C relay providing more applications
– Anti-Forest design
– Target color, structure colors, is tunedto peak wavelengths of human vision to be easily trageted in thebeam alignment process



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Διαστάσεις 1701908.0 cm


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